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Quality Handmade Fender Stock Saddles

Trevor Scott's Competitor Fender

Stock Saddle

The Competitor Range offers a choice of  knee pad shapes and sizes along with various seat sizes and horse fits.  

Give us a call anytime to discuss your saddle requirements. 

Trevor started the Competitor Range of Fender Stock Saddles in 2002 after working 

with other saddle makers for several years. The early competitors were built on rawhide

covered wood trees made by John Brophy at Brophy Saddle Trees. Today this range of 

saddles are built on fibreglass covered wood trees and still offer extensive size options 

for both the rider and horse.

In 2012 John Brophy started to duplicate his wood tree making workshop for Trevor. As 

of April 2013 Trevor has been making trees for the competitor range of saddles in 


Thanks to John and Julie of Brophy Saddle Trees for supplying saddle trees for several 

years and for the workshop tools, instruction and patterns for Trevor to continue to make

this style of saddles. 

Each Competitor Fender Stock Saddle has a number and its details are recorded in 

our saddle register. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more 

information on any of Trevor's saddles.

Phone 07 4166 1000

Mobile 0427 684 048